Man Over Board

The Rescue Egg is normally positioned around the vessel in case of an emergency such as man over board. The most important benefit with the Rescue Egg is that it is small, weighing only 450 grams and can easily be thrown 30 meters.
Wind has very little effect on its direction unlike the standard Solas life buoy.

Rescue Egg

The Rescue Egg contains an automatically inflatable life buoy. It inflates within 2 seconds after entering the water. There is no line attached to the Rescue Egg since it is meant to provide buoyancy. The cover acts as a sea anchor.

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“The experience to date has been extremely positive, the PLT Minis are a big improvement on what we had before. The throw width is greater, they are easier for the crew to handle and the CO2-based throwers are cheaper than using ammunition.”

Michael Heinzius, DGzRS coxswain.

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