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6000 restech_avstander_90-01


Launches an orange rubber ball that pulls a 5mm bright yellow floating line of 120 meters. The ball can land on deck and it is filled with a liquid in order to avoid bouncing and freezing.

The PLT 75 US provides a safety zone for your equipment and personnel of 50 meters. It is commonly used in mooring, vessel to vessel and general line transfer operations.
The PLT Launching Unit is a multipurpose tool, meaning that you can add features according to your requirements. For your convenience we have put together the most commonly used setups.

You can of course specify your set differently in the parts section

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1 PLT Launching Unit US
1 Launching Tube PLT 75
2 Projectile Ball
1 Linebox 5mm floating line
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“The experience to date has been extremely positive, the PLT Minis are a big improvement on what we had before. The throw width is greater, they are easier for the crew to handle and the CO2-based throwers are cheaper than using ammunition.”

Michael Heinzius, DGzRS coxswain.

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