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PLT® Mini Line Retrieval

The PLT® Mini is very maneuverable and ideal for situations where one needs to react fast from any point on the vessel. In an emergency towing operation you can use our Mini Pick-Up Grapple to reach the line safely and quickly.  
The PLT® Mini is a light weight shoulder launched line thrower. It is very popular among users both at sea and on land, who requires a mobile linethrower. We currently have 7 different projectiles that can be used in various types of operations with a wide range of lines.
See our Scenarios for some of the operations.

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“The experience to date has been extremely positive, the PLT Minis are a big improvement on what we had before. The throw width is greater, they are easier for the crew to handle and the CO2-based throwers are cheaper than using ammunition.”

Michael Heinzius, DGzRS coxswain.

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