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Product Certificates
Type Approval
Notifying Body is DNV 0575
Notifying Body is DNV 0575

 med-d-1929-1 QSA Certificate N° MED-D-1184
Notifying Body is DNV 0575
 med-d-1929-2 Appendix to MED-D-1184
Notifying Body is DNV 0575
 ccs-setifikat-2011-1 Certificate Of Type Approval
Notifying Body CCS
 110718_restech_160_031_13_plt_4101 Certificate of Approval
United States Coast Guard

 restech-norway-as-iso-9001-engelsk  Restech Norway ISO 9001:2015
 achilles-2018-1 Restech Norway is approved by
Achilles Qualification System


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“The experience to date has been extremely positive, the PLT Minis are a big improvement on what we had before. The throw width is greater, they are easier for the crew to handle and the CO2-based throwers are cheaper than using ammunition.”

Michael Heinzius, DGzRS coxswain.

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