PLT® Multi Air Cylinders
Article number: 1307

200 Bar Air Cylinder

Air Cylinder w/ closing valve. 1,45 liter (50 fl oz), certified for the US and Canadian market. Work pressure 200bars/2900psi

For filling to 200 bars (3000 psi), normally a yoke coupling ANSI -CGAV1/1989 is used. A fitting for this standard can be provided, called Adapter 200/300 bar (Yoke-DIN477)




Product ID: Art. No. 1307 - Air Cylinder US Complete

  • 1 Art. No. 1307 Air Cylinder US Complete


If the Air Cylinder is filled to 200 bars (2900 psi), it will supply the base unit with enough air to perform 4 max pressure launches.

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