PLT® Multi 75 Ball Projectile
Article number: 6101

75 Ball Projectile

The classic mooring projectile made of rubber that is used with the PLT® 75 Launching Tube and often a 5mm line.
It is ideal for launching on deck or on land, such as a harbor. It is filled with water to avoid bouncing around. The projectile can use different types of lines.

Typical launching distance with a dry and clean line of 5mm is 90 meters.


Product ID: Art. No. 6101 - Projectile Ball

  • 1 Art. No. 6101 Projectile Ball


Heaving line for mooring ropes during STS operations
Heaving line for offshore vessels transferring materiel between main and support vessel
Heaving line during towing operations
Heaving line during mooring vessel to port
Heaving line during rescue operations
Used by some terminals to transfer mooring rope

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