Let Us Take the Concept Further

The PLT® concept became a commercial product in 1989. Long before that, a SAR Captain thought that he should do something about his experienced problems with the pyrotechnical line thrower they used.

He wanted to improve on three main challenges:

The most important goal was to find a different source to propel the line. The propellant available, explosives/gunpowder, was unreliable, unstable and had an expiry date, as well as expensive to use in exercises.

He wanted a line thrower that could be reliable and operative in any type of weather and in a marine environment.

Making the accuracy independent of weather and wind force was very important and vital for successful operations.

The Pneumatic Line Thrower delivered on all three challenges.

Most importantly it uses compressed air as propellant.

It has been tested in some of the harshest conditions and proven its reliability.

During operation the line thrower repeats its targeting within a few meters variation.

A good example of combining expertise between two professions is the LKarts, a whale tagging system. The LKarts system is a worldwide research tool, used to transfer satellite tags and biopsy projectiles onto sea animals.

One of our other projects is a remote-controlled launcher for emergency towing scenarios. Large barges can have these installed so that new towlines can be scrambled when needed.

Using pneumatic systems to transfer items between point A to B can be in comparison to other techniques very efficient, have a low manufacturing and operational cost. Sometimes it might help to just alter some of our existing products and we can meet the goals of our client.

Remote Controlled Line Thrower

“We are particularly interested in the remote-controlled version because when a tow wire breaks and the barge starts drifting, the trailing line behind the tow will always get entangled.
We are investigating the possibilities to have remote operated line throwers on the barge, approach the drifting barge and trigger the thrower before the line gets entangled, we will pick it up from the water. If we could put four of these devices on every corner of the barge, it is possible to fire the best available throwing line.”

This was our client’s requirement when they approach us. The concept resulted in a system where four remote controlled launchers were put in each corner. Each one can be operated uniquely depending on which one they need to operate. The draft shows the concept.

Pellet Launcher for High Pressure Ballistic Ignition System

The ZEECO High Pressure Ballistic Ignition System utilizes a compressed nitrogen launching system to propel zirconium-filled pellets through a guide tube to the flare tip. Upon exiting the guide tube at a high velocity, the pellet impacts a striker plate, showering the flare tip exit with sparks and igniting the flare gas stream.

Restech Norway provides the pellet launcher to Zeeco’s design, engineering and manufacturing of their this ballistic ignition system.

Should you be interested to learn more, you can contact Zeeco through their website or Restech Norway

Messenger Line Launching System

Restech Norway is involved in many projects in the oil and gas industry, especially FPSO projects.

Our client was interested to see if it was possible to use our PLT® Multi to transfer the messenger line from an FPSO to the tanker or via a stand by vessel. The goal was to increase the safety zone and not loose time in the loading process.

Restech Norway recommended standard products with some adjustments and special lines. After some discussions it became clear that some of the construction cost could be cut onboard the FPSO. Using the PLT® for line transfer to the tanker or the stand by vessel actually increased the safety zone and decreased the loading time significantly.