The Compact Line thrower

The PLT® Mini is a light weight shoulder launched line thrower. It is very popular among users both at sea and on land, who requires a mobile line thrower. We currently have 9 different projectiles that can be used in various types of operations with a wide range of lines.

The PLT® Mini is not regulated by any international regulations. This means that the pre defined sets are defined by our end users and their requirements. Some are specially made for Rescue Organizations operating at sea and on land. Other set are common for Fire brigades and other for commercial and offshore shipping activity.

You are welcome to define your own set according to your requirements
The launching distances varies from 30 to 100 horizontal meters, depending on the projectile and line in use.
It is often used for transferring lines in both work and rescue operations at sea and on land.

PLT® Mini Components


PLT® Mini

Small and light weight line thrower

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PLT® Mini Rescue Pack

The PLT® Mini Rescue Pack is a set that is specially made for rescue organisations.

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PLT® Mini Line Retrieval

Light weight Line Retrieval Set

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PLT® Mini Line Pick-Up Grapple Set

Collect drones, ROV and other floating items from the sea.

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PLT® Mini Rescue 100

Ideal for quick response operations up to 100 meters.

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PLT® Mini Rubber Tip

Rubber tipped projectile reaching up to 95 meters.

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PLT® Mini Rubber

Soft and bendable rubber projectile reaching 90 meters

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PLT® Mini Rescue Buoy

A re-usable projectile that contains an automatic inflatable life buoy.

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PLT® Mini Pick-up Grapple

This is a light weight hook for picking up ropes and lines in the sea.

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Launching Units

PLT® Mini Launching Unit

The PLT® Mini Launching Unit in red color.

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PLT® Mini Launching Unit Black

The PLT® Mini Launching Unit comes in black color.

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