PLT® Mini PLT® Mini Rescue Buoy
Article number: 4105

PLT® Mini Rescue Buoy

This is a re-usable projectile that contains an automatic inflatable life buoy.
It will inflate within 2 seconds after entering the water. The Rescue Buoy can be used with both the PLT® Mini and the PLT® Launching Unit with the 150 Launching Tube. The inflator has an expiry date and uses a 33 gram CO2 cartridge.

Typical shooting range with a dry and clean line of 3,2mm with the PLT® Mini is 80 meters. Breaking strength is 161kg.


Product ID: Art. No. 4105 - Projectile PLT®/Mini Rescue Buoy

  • 1 Art. No. 4105 Projectile PLT®/Mini Rescue Buoy


Used by rescue organizations at sea and on land

Used for man over board situations

Used by stand by vessels

Used in ice rescue operations

Used in river rescue operations

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