PLT® Solas PLT Solas Container
Article number: 2850

PLT® Solas Container

Keep your PLT® Solas set protected and dry. Water proof container in heavy duty plastic.
Easy storage and easy handling. Air and water tight. It floats on water.

Internal dim. mm Length-765 / Width-485 / Depth-305 / Lid-60 / Base-245
External dim. mm Length-860 / Width-560 / Depth-355

2002/95/EC Conformity with the Directive 2002/95/EC
DEF STAN 81-41 (level J)
IP67 Dustproof – Waterproof
STANAG 4280 (edition 2)


Product ID: Art. No. 2850- PLT® Solas Container

  • 1 Art. No. 2850 PLT® Solas Container


Used for storing and protecting the PLT® Solas Set.

Ideal during transport.

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