PLT® Multi
Article number: 9012

PLT® Wall Mount

If you have free space on the wall, why not store the PLT set there. Keeps everything in sight and easy to use.

The wall mount is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and is split into two modules.

Module A: Storage of Art. No. 1005/1006 PLT® Launching Unit, Art. No. 1303 Launching Tube Rescue 230, 4 pcs of Art. No. 2101 Projectiles Rescue 230 and Art. No. 2200 Loading Device Projectile Rescue 230.

Maximum height: 1350mm. Width: 635mm. Weight empty: 3000g.

Module B: Storage of Linebox, 2 pcs of Art. No. 7004 Projectile PLT® 150 with Art. No. 3303 Launching Tube 150 and Art. No. 6101 Projectile Ball with Art. No. 6303 Launching Tube PLT® 75.

Maximum height: 665mm. Width: 395mm. Weight empty: 1750g

Total weight empty brackets: 4,7kg Weight with equipment: approx. 27 kg


Product ID: Art. No. 9012 - PLT® Wall Mount

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Wall mount to store the set on the wall.

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